The amazing donation from The Loose Change project has taken a massive weight off our shoulders. Being able to concentrate on what we wish to achieve without having to worry about our running costs for a while has opened up whole new avenues for us to explore.

We are currently in the process of applying for two sets of funding. One from the Co op Community fund and one from Colne Valley Ward Councillors community pot.

Both are project specific and are bids we would have been unable to make if it wasn’t for your wonderful donation taking away the worry of not being able fund the premises we currently use.

As a result of the two bids we have being able to Network with various agencies, in particular Kirklees Community Plus who have pointed us in the direction of I.T specialists who offer free support for organisations such as ourselves.

Through this support the aim is to make full and better use of our website by linking it with Social Media and really pushing out the message of what we do and the support we offer.

We have also being given the chance to offer I.T training to our clients if they wish to learn new skills and gain new opportunities.

We have had meetings with Health England with the prospect of being recognised by CHART, the umbrella group for Addiction Support within Kirklees, the major goal.

None of these opportunities would have been feasible if it wasn’t for the Loose Change Project.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart

Yours Sincerely

Steve Oldroyd