Below you will find our grant giving policy and grant application form. If you have any question please contact


Our purpose is to supplement existing funding streams for small to medium sized charities within the Huddersfield area

Size of grants

We are currently open for grant applications to a maximum of £200 and will limit the number of grants awards to three per month.



What we support

  • Beneficiary organisations should provide services to people within the Huddersfield area
  • Grants will be provided to fund core running costs (eg staffing related costs, training, rent etc) that directly increase or maintain the organisations critical services
  • Beneficiary organisations should be of a size where a relatively small amount of funding can make a significant impact
  • Beneficiary organisations will be registered charities or constituted groups.

 What we do not support

  • charities with a political association
  • national charities
  • travel costs
  • individuals or causes that will benefit only one person such as student grants and bursaries
  • animal welfare or animal rescue centres

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